Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And Winter Is Gone Again

Last week was bitterly cold, with snow. I was just getting used to the new normal, and even blogged about winter's return just yesterday.

I've taken a photo of our thermometer showing today's indoor and outdoor temperatures for your enjoyment. We have a saying in Michigan: "If you don't like the weather right now, just wait 15 minutes."

I know that often those who don't live in rural areas think they'd like to. These next two pictures are for those of you who long for rural living. 

There are pros and cons to living anywhere. One of the "cons" of living out in the country is the messiness that comes when it rains at the same time that a bunch of snow is melting. 

One year (when our large roadside ditch was overdue for a cleaning) we had a normal, cold winter and a sudden warm-up like this. It melted inches of snow, and rained at the same time. The ground was still frozen solid, and water will take the path of least resistance. The path (that time) was up through the cracks in our concrete basement floor and block basement walls. We had a stream and several small tributaries running across our basement floor to the sump pump hole. Thank heavens for sump pumps.

The weather forecast is for more cold and snow. If you don't like the weather, just wait...

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  1. That's us too - beyond freezing last week, mixed precipitation and freezing rain yesterday and this morning, rain this afternoon and temps rising into the 40s and even 50s by tomorrow. If you don't like the weather, give it a few minutes. . . .


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