Friday, January 4, 2013

Cleaning Out the Rams' Pen

One fairly warm day near Christmas, we took the opportunity to clean out the rams' housing. They are currently in with the ewes, and it's a good time to remove the manure pack. This is where skid steers (or bobcats) really come in handy.

Also boys who are good at driving skid steers.

The downside of being a boy who is good at driving is that you still have to take direction from The Farmer on best practices. (See the white glove? Goodness, he's fussy.)

And of course the whole operation was supervised by Brinkley. The rams' housing will likely become the horses winter quarters soon. We've used all our rams for a couple of years now--time to rotate in new blood.

Anyone want to buy a ram or two? We've got two nice Targhee rams, and a good Suffolk ram. Still have lots of mileage left, but it's time for some new pasture for them.

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