Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter is Finally Here

Winter has finally arrived at Shady Side Farm. Last winter was unusually warm and dry, and this one started out similarly. We were starting to worry--if we wanted warm and dry, we'd farm in Arizona.

The snowblower has been taken out of storage. It has gone through the normal cycle of use, break, repair, use (repeat). Even so, we are grateful for it, as it saves us shoveling all the driveways.

Brinkley loves to ride along--she just wants to be with The Farmer all the time. All the better if she can look out and see what's going on. There are some technical difficulties when a rabbit is sighted, as she seems to lose all her senses and tries to leap through the glass doors in pursuit. That girl is focused when it comes to bunnies.

She needs a little help getting in and out of the cab. It's pretty high, and the steps are not built for dogs.

We are glad for a little relief from the grey. Our area of the world gets very little winter sun. It's mostly cloudy, all winter long. So the snow brightens things up, and sometimes we even get a glimpse of the sun, after all. Beautiful!

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  1. I like Brinkley. And the beautiful pine tree. We had sun this week too - what a treat! Too bad it was totally arctic as well. Ah well, a sunbeam indoors is still warm.


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