Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fun Farm Facts--Wool

Wool is flame resistant. Because it is made up of protein, wool fibers are naturally flame resistant, requiring a higher temperature to ignite than other natural fibers. When wool does ignite, it burns slowly by smoldering and charring but giving off little heat. A wool blanket is an effective tool for smothering a flame. Most synthetic fibers are made from petroleum and have dangerous burning characteristics.


  1. Do you have a shearing date planned yet? I'm not on Facebook so want to make sure I dont miss it.

    1. We do have a date! I have not posted more details yet, but when I do, they will be easily accessible under the "events" tab at the top of the main page of the blog. (I know, it blends in well, with all the other busyness.)

      In a nutshell, it is a come-and-go sort of thing, and we'll be open from 9-3 on March 2 (a Saturday). You will want to dress warmly, and in old clothes. You will smell like a barn when you leave, so keep that in mind. More details to come, I promise. =)


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