Thursday, March 14, 2013

A New Addition to the Farm

Just before Shearing Day, in all the hubbub of getting things ready, The Farmer traveled across the state to pick up his latest project. A new addition to the farm.

His friend Mark went along. Good thing, as we don't own a nice big truck and trailer. They got home late afternoon.

Brinkley was wondering what was on that trailer. Lots of new smells...

The occupants of the trailer were sniffing the wind, too, wondering what they'd gotten themselves into.

They got off the trailer fairly easily, and headed out to the snowy pasture.

Six new brood cows, all due to calve in March. Belted Galloways, also known as Oreo cows. They're beautiful, and have settled in nicely.

Why cows? Because sheep and hay and corn and chickens and oats and compost and wheat and dry beans aren't quite enough to keep The Farmer busy, I guess.


  1. Nothing new here, but have always looked at the Belted. Tom

  2. New adventure indeed! Now we can look forward to calf pictures soon, right?


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