Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nuña Beans for Supper

I suppose that most of my readers will call the evening meal dinner. For us, dinner is a fancy night out. Or a word that is used in conjunction with "Spaghetti" to denote a fund-raiser. In the early evening, we eat supper. 

Yesterday, time was short. I found this meal cooked up just as fast as a microwaveable meal. When I was home for lunch (see, now you know what we call the noon meal, too), I started some Nuña beans soaking in cold water. 

When I got home from work, I drained them.

Then I washed and chopped up some bok choy. A word about these bok choy. I bought them 16 days ago at Sweetwater Local Foods Market from Liberty Farms. They were still wonderfully fresh. I dare you to buy greens at your favorite chain grocery store and keep them untouched in your refrigerator for over 2 weeks.

I heated some bacon grease in our fry pan, threw in some whole cloves of garlic, and sautéed the garlic and the Nuñas for about 5-7 minutes on medium high heat, stirring regularly. They sizzled, then whistled, then popped slightly.

I salted them while they cooked, and then threw in the bok choy and sautéed everything all together for maybe 3-4 more minutes.

Wonderful. Quick. Easy peasy. And WAY better than anything that comes out of the microwave.

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  1. Are you sure they were Nuña beans? I didn't think they were legal to sell outside the Andes.

    1. Interesting. I don't know anything about this, and see that Nuñas are available through at least two edible bean suppliers found through a quick google search.

  2. They are legal now. The attempt to patent them by failed. They are considered unpatentable, so they can now be sold.

    1. Thanks for this update, Blake. We discontinued growing them this year, as they weren't terribly popular. Glad to know they can be grown legally.


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