Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shearing Day 2013

Shearing Day last Saturday dawned clear and cold.

We hurried about, getting ready for the 9:00 opening.

The workshop was set up as a store and demo area. We had our beans out for sale this year.

In addition to the beans and wool, we had four artists demonstrating their work. So grateful for the ladies who come back year after year to help us teach people about wool.

Soon after 9:00, the visitors started arriving. People of all ages came. Some come every year. Some had never been here before. 

They were welcomed by our friendly parking attendants. (Thanks, guys, I know it was cold!)

Most of the day, Tim worked by himself. Sara clipped a few, but she's just learning.

Even The Farmer got in on the action. He did pretty well!

We tried to answer questions as best we could, but things were busy. Thanks to those who spent all day answering questions and telling what was happening, until they were nearly hoarse.

Kids were able to pet the lambs and get up close and personal.

We had nearly 400 visitors, and were much too busy to take lots of photos. In addition to those who were mentioned above, we are grateful for our sheep wranglers, our fleece skirters, our shop cashiers, and The Lunch Lady! We had about 20 helpers lined up, and some visitors jumped right in and helped herd sheep and skirt fleece. It was an amazing day, and we are grateful for all your help.


  1. So glad you had a successful day!

    Love those first two photos - you can almost feel the cold air looking at them! I like the new green background here on the blog, too ;)

  2. Congratulations on a successful day. It does seem that one can almost feel the cold in those photos!

  3. Lona, I loved being there. What a neat experience for me! I finally posted the story of our time at your farm on shearing day. I'd be honored if you'd stop over at The Green Sheep to read about it.

    Also, I'd love to be there again next year(:


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