Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Well-Cushioned Ride

This past week we made a dash for the east side of the state, where our favorite wool mill is. We received a call about a week ago that our wool was finished. This HAS to be the fastest they have ever turned it around. We were amazed.

A 6-7 hour trip is not undertaken during lambing season without some fear and trepidation (on my part, mostly). We knew we had a small break between the experienced ewes and the first-timers. So we took our chances. We left behind our competent farm hands--our son and my parents. None of these competent farm hands are wild about helping with difficult births, but we were hopeful that nothing would happen while we were gone. And we got lucky.

This year we ordered some bulky and aran-weight yarn. And roving--quite a considerable amount of roving, in fact. We are very grateful that we didn't have any accidents on the trip. But we did joke that if we were rear-ended, we'd probably be well-cushioned against the impact.

Here is most of the roving in the wool storage room.

That's going to make quite a few dryer balls. I think I've got my work cut out for me...

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