Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Either Feast or Famine Around Here

Last summer we were crying for rain.

And now this. This is a nearby field, not ours, truthfully, but ours look about the same.

We've had an average of 1/2" of rain each day in April. Well over three of those inches fell today, on top of already saturated soils.

I would show you what happens in my basement when the soil is completely saturated and the ditches and fields are full of water. But I have nothing to complain about when I compare the little streams that trickle across the cement floor of my basement to the moats completely encompassing houses that I've seen on the TV screen. Sandbags are available at the local fire station for those who are trying to keep rivers and streams from coming in.

Trusty sump pump, keep working tonight while I try to sleep, please. And have mercy, Lord, on those who are losing so much.

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