Monday, April 8, 2013

Late Night Wanderings

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, I heard some baa-ing. I mentioned it to The Farmer, and we listened together. Nothing. The Farmer had his heart set on sleep, and so we turned in.

Near midnight, I heard it again. I brought the topic up again, but The Farmer's heart was still set on sleep. He is a volunteer firefighter and can leap straight out of bed and hit the ground running if his pager goes off. But that is about the only thing that gets his adrenaline flowing.

I, on the other hand, sleep light. Sometimes what I hear is real, and sometimes it is real but never found out. A few times we've been very grateful for my ears. A few times we've ignored my ears and found out the next morning we probably shouldn't have.

After some discussion, The Farmer got up. He found two lambs that had slipped out of the mingling pen and were up in the front of the barn. Their mamas were calling from further back in the barn, and the lambs were answering but not returning. Maybe because it was dark? Who knows.

After putting them back with their mamas, he looked around a bit more with his flashlight. He found a newborn lamb in the large pen, so removed it and its mother to a jug for some bonding time.

It took him a while to fall back to sleep, but I slept much better without the incessant calling of the separated ones.

Never a dull moment on the farm...


  1. That is the mom in you. Glad you figured it out and it was nothing serious.

  2. I love this story....never ignore that nagging voice in your head. Many times it is there for reason. What a lovely outcome.


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