Thursday, April 4, 2013

There's Never Enough Time

Just read an article (the second this week) about being faithful to the task at hand. I'd love to, but I've got what feels like 47,000 tasks at hand. 

When The Farmer started with the beans, and indicated to me that this would mean going to farmers markets, I begged off. "This will be your thing, okay? I don't really want to take on any more."

Fast forward to now, when we regularly attend two farmers markets, and are looking to add in a third. They're all on Saturday, and all in different cities. Guess who is going to market?

We're winding down with homeschooling, but I want to finish well, and not sputter out like a lantern with a worn wick. 

About four years ago, I started a part-time job. It has released some of the financial pressure that used to threaten to crush us. But at what cost? Even when I'm not AT work, I am thinking about it. 

There is more, but I won't bore you with details. The truth is that the juggling of many plates has grown tiresome. I have lost my joy. 

When I voice this aloud to others, I am asked what I enjoy doing. What my dreams are. I have no answers. I can tell you what I used to enjoy. Music. Walks. Weaving. But there is little time for these things, and no energy. And the to-do list is always calling. 

Tonight I spent some time weaving. Now that the weather is a bit warmer, I should be able to do more weaving. But the warmer weather also brings the extra work that is the lot of the farmer.

And so I'm left pondering how to be faithful to all these tasks at hand, while still finding time to do things that feed my soul. How do you carve out time for yourself?


  1. Oh, Lona, I feel like I'm coming from exactly the same place as you describe!!! Let's pray for each other, for joy in the journey! hugs,,,

    1. Yes, Cary, let's. Prayer is definitely a part of this. If I'm doing only what He expects of me, I should have everything I need. So listening to Him and knowing what to leave go has got to be primary. But the 47,000 things are calling to me and it's hard to stop and listen.

  2. Oh yes. Feel this! I put everyone to bed in my case and set a timer for an hour. For an hour I do what I WANT....but then I feel guilty :) The boys therapists always checks to make sure I am doing it. Praying that you find time just for you. Bless you!

    1. The therapists are wise, Rachel. You have to be extra careful not to burn out! Do you think we will ever stop feeling guilty for doing what we want every once in a while? I sort of feel like that defeats the purpose. Bless you, too...


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