Monday, May 6, 2013

A Spur of the Moment Farm Event

Lately we've been getting phone calls, emails and facebook messages asking if we allow farm visits. Some of them are even phrased more directly, such as "when can we come and visit?" 

We struggle with this, and I always carefully craft a response. I aim for a kind answer, but I'm not always sure I achieve that. 

You see, if we started allowing personal visits to the farm, we'd never get anything done. That's our reality. The truth is, there are times when we run from one thing to the next. 

But we do realize that we have something very, very special here. Something that not a lot of people have a chance to experience. And we want to share that. 

So when there was talk of letting the sheep out of the barn for the spring, we decided to offer a quick glimpse to whomever could come on short notice. We emailed those who are on our email list, and posted it on facebook. We gave about 2 days notice, and we offered only a one hour window to come, late on a Saturday afternoon. 

We had maybe 20-25 people come. Nothing like our shearing day. But that's okay, as it was a low-key event.

In fact, the sheep weren't all that entertaining. They took a few steps out of the barn, and immediately buried their noses in the grass. They eventually did a little baaing and running about, but they were mostly interested in the lush grass.

In case you are tempted to ask if you can come for a personal tour, just know that we will probably say no. But if you like us on facebook, or sign up for our email newsletter, you might just get to hear about a spur of the moment event that may be almost as nice as a personal tour, and still allow us to get our work done.

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