Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Update on the Sheep

The sheep are happily out on pasture now--this is the first pasture we put them on. It was slightly overgrazed late last year, and is not lush like it should be. They spent a couple of days there, closer to the house, where we could easily watch them.

This is only a small group of the sheep--we have around 100 ewes and their lambs. They tend to spread out when they feel safe and they're grazing.

They've now moved on to another pasture. It's due to be taken out and planted to crops this spring. But it can provide much-needed feed for the sheep before we till it under.

With last year's semi-drought, we are being extra careful about not wasting anything. Any pastures that grow faster than needed will be cut for hay in late spring. While many appreciate the late spring this year (to protect other farmers' fruit crops), it was a bad year to have a late spring for livestock farmers. Most of them were low on hay anyway because of last year's drought, and hay was so expensive. Hard decisions have to be made sometimes--about whether to keep extra animals or sell some, simply because of financial reasons.


  1. Are these your Polypays? Do most have twins? (I was judging from your last picture)
    It is so nice to finally have things green

    1. It IS nice to see the green again, and the sheep are loving it, too.

      These are the Polypays, and most of them have twins. Very observant, Mulchandmore! Occasionally we will have singles, and sometimes triplets.


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