Friday, May 31, 2013

Moving the Flock

Once all the ewes and lambs became acclimated to being outside, it was time to move them away from the barn and to the real pastures. We chose an evening when several of us were available, and The Farmer led the way. 

It was one of our easier moves, actually, as we had fence lanes all the way. It gets really interesting when we move the flock along the edge of an open field. We need a lot more people to act as fence during those kinds of moves, and they always make us wish for a good dog. But this one was pretty easy. Two of us came behind slowly, just to be sure no one decided to turn around and head back home.

Here we are about halfway. We're in a tree line with lush grass--much nicer than what the sheep were used to. See how they're getting distracted? I guess I forgot to snap a photo once we had them in their pasture, but they were all contentedly eating. All in all, it was a fairly easy move.

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