Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day of Summer

Seasons change, and life goes on. It's been nearly a week since we watched them bury our brother in law, and the strangeness has not worn off. So much is the same. And yet we know for our sister and her family, things will never be the same. 

Somewhere in this blur of the recent past, we celebrated a birthday, planted some corn, and moved sheep and cows to new pasture several times. The llamas stand guard over the sheep. The cattle, in another pasture entirely, are on their own. We have 3 cows that have given birth, with 3 to go. Somehow, I don't think a stray dog or coyote will mess with those black and white mamas.

Speaking of mamas, can you believe how old this lamb is, and still nursing? He has to kneel down to reach the bar. This is actually quite common. Eventually, the ewes will wean the lambs themselves, if we don't do it for them first by separating them.

We are predicted to get some heat soon, after a too-wet, slightly cool spring. Happy first-day-of-summer!

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  1. Happy firs-day-of-summer to you too! Sorry to hear about your brother in law.


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