Tuesday, June 4, 2013

She's Home!!!

Happy Ending Alert:

Today, just after lunch, we got a call from a neighbor. Someone had just stopped by their house, wanting to know if they knew of anyone who had lost a dog. We had visited that very neighbor yesterday, canvassing the neighborhood. So she knew Brinkley was missing and directed the people to head to the sheep farm just up the road.

Apparently their son had picked Brinkley up on Saturday. These people kept her tied up by their pole barn all weekend, bringing her inside the barn at night because they were worried about how cold it was. They were hoping that Brinkley's owners would drive by and see her. When that didn't work, they called the animal shelter. Perhaps they called before we got there, because they were not given our number. Today they had time to ride around and ask. And we are so glad they did!

Happy Ending.


  1. What a lovely story - and what caring "finders." I'm so glad that they persisted in finding her owners. I imagine there were a few tears and many hugs when you saw Brinkley again.


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