Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Still Dealing With the Aftermath

Today we had the third tree guy out to assess the damage and give us a bid. The other two tree guys are wonderful at what they do--but they suggested we take all the damaged trees down.

That is not what I wanted to hear. How will it be Shady Side Farm without those big silver maples? So I called a third tree guy. We are waiting to hear back from him.

We are also waiting to hear back from contractors, who are apparently busy with other things. We are busy with other things, too, so they don't get reminded much.

So, even though the yard is mostly cleaned up, the house still looks like it was in the center of a minor battle. And our crushed grill was called into service just yesterday. We had to prop it up on a block of wood (former landscape timbers) to keep it level. I can't decide if the fact that we are so desperate for grilled lamb brats that we would use a destroyed propped-up charcoal grill is pathetic or comical.

Carry on, soldier.

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