Friday, August 2, 2013


The clouds this morning were interesting enough to snap a picture of. Apologies for the lack of quality of the picture--it was quite early, and still rather dark. 

We are receiving regular rains, now, which is so much better than too wet or too dry. The beans are coming along nicely, but we had to till under the vast majority of our single corn field. This spring's relentless rains didn't allow us to adequately prepare the field for planting. The weeds took over, and some of the corn didn't even take root due to the extreme wetness. So instead of 3 fields of corn, we have 1/5th of a field. Corn is a cash crop for us, as we feed very little to our animals. So things might be a little tighter for us next year, when there is no corn to sell.

Farming is an exercise in trusting God. We have never had a perfect year. Good years? Yes. But they are sprinkled in among the not-so-good years. There are no guarantees in farming, or in life.

I guess the trusting that comes with farming is good practice for the trusting that is needed in the rest of life.

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  1. Such a wise post, Lona. Trusting is easy when life is good; trusting is much harder when life is hard. I have to remind myself that God is there all the time, in every situation, and nothing surprises Him. Hang on. . . .


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