Saturday, September 28, 2013

Barn Renovation--Stage Seven--Roof Trusses

We hired a crane (with a skilled operator) to help us set trusses. Some things are worth hiring done. Each one was lifted and set on top of the walls.

A spotter on the ground held a rope hooked to one end of the truss to keep it from swinging wildly. The day was moderately breezy; we were glad it wasn't any windier.

Each end of the truss was nailed in place on the wall, and then the truss was unhooked from the crane.

Darryl drew the short straw and got to be center man. He nailed brackets in between the trusses to keep them spaced evenly. He walked on a 2 x 4 laid across the bottom of the trusses.

Coming along nicely. Love this photo.

We can really get an idea of the space now that the trusses are set.

The whole process took about two hours. It was very gratifying to see the amazing progress. But it was nice when it was done. So much could have gone wrong.

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  1. Wow, this is going to be a HUGE barn. I'm impressed.


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