Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall Pasture -- Radishes and Oats

Earlier this year we planted radishes and oats together as a cover crop. We thought we might be able to use some of these plantings as fall pasture. And we've done just that. Here is what the plantings look like after the cows have been through and eaten all the oats. The sheep are in this field now, and we are hoping that sheep like radishes better than the cows did.

Apparently they do. The foreground in this photo shows the "after" shot.

And this is "after", up close.

While I was out taking photos, I noticed two sheep that had gone THROUGH the temporary electric fence. Can you see the fence laying down behind them? I can't say that the grass was greener on this side.

Must be they needed a little "alone" time, as I noticed one of the escapees was the ram. Mmm-hmmm. I'm on to you.

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