Monday, November 18, 2013

The Annual March of the Rams

About 4-1/2 months before we want lambs to start arriving, we put the rams in with the ewes for breeding. We get out the halters and wrestle them on the rams. They are used to us ignoring them all summer, except for daily feedings. So all this attention makes them believe that we are going to do something very bad to them.

So the "march" is more like a match. A match of wills. A wrestling match. They don't know that at the other end of this march, good things are waiting for them.

Sometimes we are like sheep. We wrestle with God, or our circumstances, fighting all the way. I just said to a friend yesterday, "We have had enough excitement this year. I want boring." But what I don't know is what lies ahead. Perhaps it will be good. And all this wrestling will have been wasted energy.

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  1. Love the comparison about our lives and our struggle with the plans God has for us. Very true!


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