Monday, November 25, 2013

Bringing in the Sheep

We never quite know when we'll have to bring the sheep in for the winter. It's different every year. Right now we are having a cold snap that is lasting for several days, with snow on the ground.

The animals are equipped for colder days because of their wool or their thick winter hair coats. They know to huddle close and turn their backs to the wind. They also know to dig through the snow to get to their food. And we can supplement with hay if needed.

Our watering system, however, is based on hoses laying on top of the ground. An occasional dip below freezing does not affect things much. But prolonged cold means frozen hoses and no water.

The weather reports indicate that highs will not be above freezing until Friday. That's too long. Looks like the Bringing-In will have to be today.

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  1. I'm doing some rearranging this weekend, too, Lona! Of sheep I mean ;)

    Hope you and your dear family have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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