Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Rare Find

The Farmer and I don't have a lot of unallocated time. But last fall we grabbed an opportunity to stop at an antique shop on our way back from a road trip to the wool mill.

I can walk past endless displays of glassware, china, postcards, and lighters and not feel the urge to acquire. But wood calls to me, and fairly leaps in my arms. And old machinery. It's a sickness, I know.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), The Farmer does not have the same weaknesses. Sure, he loves wood, and old machinery. But he fixes broken things all the time as part of his job, and so he is not quick to sign up for more old stuff to take care of.

However, I could see him weakening when we saw what this was.

It's a bean sorter--used to give dry beans the last once-over in preparation for planting or sale. We took it home with us and he checked it all over.

The first thing it needed was a new belt.

His sewing skills come in handy again.

Almost back together again. Really, the belt was the only thing in rough shape.

We know some parts are still missing--there should be small boxes mounted on each side of the belt, which is operated by the treadles. And maybe there is more that is not quite right. We haven't taken the time to try it out yet, but the topic did come up in conversation again, just the other day. Maybe the next time the wind howls and he needs an excuse to come back inside after chores are done...


  1. what an awesome find! As a young child, I remember watching my grandpa use a machine that looks similar to this but did something with field corn. Maybe took the kernels off?

  2. What a cool find! I love wandering through antique stores and flea markets. I hope the Farmer can get it back in working order.

  3. Too cool! I sure hope you can get it working.


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