Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This past weekend was a doozy, as far as winter weather is concerned. Again, we USED to have winters like this, but haven't for ever so long.

While he was out and about, The Farmer took some pictures with his phone to show the snow. Mostly this was at the request of the daughter who is away at college. She wanted to come home this weekend, but we advised her not to.

You'll notice my mad photo editing skills, above. The red arrow directs your eyes to a four foot tall page wire fence, mostly covered. The yellow arrow directs your eyes to a four foot tall page wire fence, completely covered, except for the tops of the fence posts.

The storage barn service door was essentially inaccessible.

And two photos of the same drive. Above is before snow-blowing.

And the same drive, after one pass with the snow blower.

And this path leads from the barns up to the back of our house. The Farmer hand shoveled the last bit, closest to the house. And then he leaned his shovel against the bank to show the depth.

We made it (despite the blowy, snowy mess) to one of our farmers markets, though we arrived two hours late. And we attended an open house for a newly married couple at our church Saturday afternoon. Sunday we braved the weather again for church. So we're not truly snowbound. But mighty close...

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