Thursday, January 9, 2014

Water Leak

A few weeks ago we started hearing the well pump run more than usual. We kept our eyes open, but started to suspect an underground leak. The trouble with underground leaks is that they have to get bad enough before you can find them.

Given what we've recently heard about the aquifer that provides us with water, we felt badly that our underground lines were wasting water. Apparently people in our area will soon be out of fresh well water, despite the fact that we are surrounded by fresh water: the Great Lakes! Something about the aquifer not recharging at a fast enough rate. Supply is less than demand. And there are two types of culprit in this situation: the farmer who irrigates his crops endlessly (sorry, but it's true), and the homeowners that decide to build new homes out in the country.

But I digress. Eventually we found a tell-tale sign. And, on a lovely cold winter afternoon, The Farmer and his crew started digging.

Just finding mud isn't enough. Sometimes you have to dig a trench to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

They found the leak, repaired it, and then were able to use the skid steer to replace the dirt.

All in a day's work.

But why don't these things happen when the weather's decent?

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  1. Oh no!!! That makes my having to replace our 22 year old furnace this week seem not so bad! I'm glad you were able to find and fix the leak ~ and I'm with you on the concern for water ;(


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