Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shearing Day Report -- Part I

A few weeks ago, we hosted our annual Shearing Day event. It was a perfect day. Cold, but not too cold. Snow on the ground, but very little falling from the sky. A couple of days before Shearing Day, a friend and I set up the shop and demonstration area. (Thank you, Pat!)

This was the maiden voyage of the shop--the first time it had been set up since last summer, when we took the roof off the whole building, and added a second floor. It's still rough--no paint, no insulation, no heat.

But the wares looked nice, and I don't think most people cared that they were in an unfinished barn.

We displayed our coned yarns in a lovely old cupboard.

Barbara, our needlefelting demonstrator, was back again this year. (What?! No photos! Oops!)

And Chris showed how to spin wool into yarn. Sometimes she let people help.

I'm always busy in the main barn, helping with skirting the fleeces. (More about that later.) But if I had my way, I'd be in the demo/shop area instead. I love to see peoples' reaction when they realize what an amazing treasure wool is.

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