Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Talk With the Shepherd

Lambing is still underway, with about half the Polypay ewes already finished. Some things are going exceptionally well, like the triplet that was successfully adopted by the mother of a single. It's pretty hard to get a ewe to adopt someone else's lamb. They know. You have to fool them, and it's not easy. But we had one successful adoption so far this year!

And other things are not going well. We lost a very small lamb, the tiniest lamb we've ever seen. We have lost a few lambs from triplet sets. It takes a very good mother to raise three.

The ewe in this photo had twins. She accepted one her lambs, and rejected the other. Who knows what goes on in the minds of these ewes?

There is a head gate on each lambing jug that allows the ewe to be comfortably secured. The head gate adjusts to allow for plenty of room for her neck, but her head will not fit through the opening. It holds the ewe still in the lambing jug, and allows the lambs to nurse at will.

The Farmer titled this photo "A Talk With the Shepherd." It made me think of how sometimes we do not like what is happening to us. And God has a little talk with us, sometimes having to restrain us to get our attention. 

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  1. I good post and reminder here at Easter time ;) Joyous Easter wishes to you and The Farmer!


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