Thursday, April 3, 2014

Update on the Drifters

During the worst of this endless winter we had some problems with drifts and drifters. The snow drifts covered the electric fence in places, and caused it to become not-electric. And some of those drifts were so stiff and sturdy that the cattle could walk on top of them.

Can you see where this is going? Yes, the cattle drifted over the fence, and into a more sheltered area between buildings.

That was fine, sort of, as we'd actually discussed moving them there to give them a little more break from the endless winds. We opted not to move them there, however, as we use that area for storage of equipment and hay, and because we are regularly driving through that area to make compost. Cattle can be hard on buildings and equipment (they don't realize how big and strong they are). And any hay that they have access to they gorge on.

So I guess they knew better than we where they needed to be. And moved themselves there. I can't say that they damaged any equipment, and for quite a while we haven't been able to compost manure anyway. But the hay situation. Oy! Despite regular feedings by The Farmer, they have gotten into the hay stash and made a royal mess.

"Who, me? I didn't do anything..."

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