Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Quick Visit to the Mill

A few weeks ago we made a quick trip to the wool mill in Frankemuth, Michigan. Zeilingers has been our go-to choice for wool processing for several years. We were picking up comforter batts, but poked our heads into the yarn making part of the mill. They just happened to have our wool on the machines. 

This stage is called pencil roving. The wool has already been washed, and the next stage is spinning the pencil roving into yarn.

The pencil roving is very fragile. It's easy to pull it apart, and yank it right off the machines. I am always amazed that such huge machines can be set to work so gently with such a fragile product.

Gary is demonstrating the fragility here. After spinning, this wool will be sent upstairs at the mill to be machine knit into socks for us to sell at our markets.

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