Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Barn Renovation--Stage Ten--Interior Work

The winter was exceptionally cold. Too cold to do anything more than what was absolutely necessary on our workshop renovation project. Stud walls, plumbing, electrical and heating progressed very slowly.

Six boys worked in the woodshop every Wednesday evening on their kayaks, and it was a struggle to get the temperature to a life-sustaining level each week. We hosted our shearing day in early March, and told people we were "under construction". 

But now that we have (slightly) nicer weather and a larger workforce, things have begun to happen again. Insulation. Does it matter that it doesn't match? This is a part of the ground floor, which will house our farm store. 

The bean storage room...

And heading upstairs...

Half of the upstairs will be housing for farm help. No need to insulate most interior walls.

The other half of upstairs will be the everything else room. Weaving, dyeing, wool storage--the possibilities are exciting! Here are two of my neglected looms.

Thanks for following along on the project. For more posts about the process of turning a one story former chicken coop into a two story multipurpose barn, enter "building project" in the search engine near the top of the left sidebar.

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  1. It's exciting to see it all coming together - more so for you, I'll bet ;)


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