Thursday, May 29, 2014

Llamas--Before and After

We live fairly near alpaca farmers, and they are kind enough to let us bring our llamas to their alpaca shearing day. We need to borrow a trailer (despite the amount of animals on the farm, we still don't own our own livestock trailer), and load them up. Here's a shot of what they look like before their haircut, pedicure, and tooth check. Note: this is a full-service shearing day! Not just a trim for these ladies... 

Here they are after their visit to the alpaca farm:

They are ready for summer now!

We have llamas because they help protect the sheep while they are out on pasture. They are naturally very curious, and can be a bit aggressive towards dogs and other canine types that would tend to want to hurt the sheep.

In other news, we've been too busy working to blog. It's funny how when your hands are busy with fences or animals or tractor steering wheels, you forget to take photos. And when you come in at dusk, all you want is a large glass of water and a shower and bed. And, in the case of The Farmer, some Wheat Thins. :)

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