Monday, May 12, 2014

Resurrecting a Mower

Last summer we bought a used mower deck. The kind that you can mount on the back of the tractor, and make some serious time as you are mowing down the leftovers in a pasture that has just been vacated by animals. It's a good practice, but one that has been hard for us with just a small brush hog

Well, as with most equipment that we (can afford to) buy, it was Well-Used. Very broken in. Like more rust than steel, if you know what I mean. The bones of the piece are still good. But the rest of it needed a lot of work. 

Elbow grease (and small machine, bearing and sheet metal shops) to the rescue. We are stimulating our local economy in small doses.

The parts are ordered and the rusty bits have been scraped off. We are getting close.

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