Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Barn Renovation--Stage Eleven--Drywall and Paint

Part of the reason for the barn renovation is to have housing for farm help. So, while you won't find drywall in most barns, you will in ours. The whole upper floor, as well as the ceilings of the lower level (as a fire break).

I always say that some things are worth hiring out. We've done a fair bit of drywall in our married life, but this is a seriously big project. This is worth hiring out.

See what I mean? We would still be carrying all those pieces of drywall up the stairs now if we tried to DIY!

The drywall guys were wonderfully skilled, quick, friendly workers. The only grumble I heard was the one running this truck. He muttered, "They would have to give me a different truck on this job." He did a great job, despite his nervousness.

Once the whole rack of drywall was suspended in midair, they put a plastic protector over the windowsill, and unloaded each piece through the window. So much faster than carrying them up the stairs!

Now that the drywall is finished, we've begun painting. This is a photo of the bean storage room, which we are really excited about. The lower level consists of the bean storage room, a wood shop, and room for a farm store.

And the stairs to the upper level.

Farm help apartment. It's only got a coat of primer on the walls and ceilings. Sparsely furnished at this point. =)

And a studio for weaving and spinning and dyeing. These are two of my looms--long neglected during this huge project. They lived in my garage last summer. I've woven perhaps 6 rugs in the last year. We are so close...

So, Mr. Assessor, I've given you a peek at what we're doing. How much are our taxes going to go up? =)

For more posts about the process of turning a one story former chicken coop into a two story multipurpose barn, enter "building project" (without the quotes) in the search field near the top of the left sidebar.

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  1. It's going to be AMAZING to have all of that fresh new space to use and work in.


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