Thursday, June 26, 2014

Catching Up Is Hopeless

But here is my best shot at it.

We planted beans.

No new varieties this year, unfortunately, and it looks like the Marrow and the Green Flageolet have have not sprouted well.

I visited Chicago with our two oldest daughters. Daughter #1 had a conference for work, and so the hotel (the biggest expense in Chicago) was covered.

We used the GO Card for Chicago to see several different attractions, like the River Architectural Cruise (above) and the view from the Hancock building (below).

While we were gone, The Farmer mowed and put up part of the first cutting of hay. He hasn't mowed any more hay, as we've had a veritable monsoon since this hay was put up. It's either feast or famine with the rain here lately.

We also celebrated the marriage of daughter #2, and son #1 moved back in to our home. Big changes; no pictures.

We kept moving the sheep and cattle around on their rotational grazing plan. We continued to work on the barn, by installing a new septic system (oh, joy!) and painting endlessly. Both sets of our parents have been invaluable with this whole project. We couldn't have done it (and no, it's not done yet!) without them. We continued to go to three different farmers markets: Holland, Sweetwater and Fulton Street.

There's more, I think, but perhaps I will save some details for future blog posts. There. All caught up.

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