Wednesday, August 20, 2014

From Oats and Rye to Hay

We recently harvested our rye crop, and after our combine engine blew, we hired someone else to harvest our oats. 

Once the grain was harvested, it was time to work the fields. We hooked our trusty, dusty Massey Ferguson MF2705 to the offset disc and went to work. We waited a few days and disced the field again. Waiting a few days and then working the field allows weeds to sprout and be killed, sprout and be killed. 

After two passes with the offset disc, we used the chisel plow on the fields and waited again. Then we used the field cultivator. Our plan is to thoroughly kill any plants in these fields, and have them begin decomposing. It's very dry right now, which hinders the decomposition process. We need some rain. Eventually, after we have a very smooth field, with no weeds and no big clods, we will plant hay/pasture for next year.

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