Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Moving the Bull

About a week ago, it was time to put the bull in with the cows for breeding. He'd been sounding like a donkey for about a week or two, indicating that he was longing for some company. The braying began when we moved the cows to the west of the bull's pasture. I'm sure the prevailing wind brought their scent and sound to torture him.

The move itself was rather free-form. We usually set up lots of fences to minimize escapes. In this case, he knew where he wanted to be, and so we were able to just walk along in case he made any wrong turns.

Being up close and personal with an animal of that size worries me. In this case, he's paying very little attention to us.

And he finds what he's looking for...

And announces his arrival: "MOO!" (See his head lifted up?)

Glad that went as smoothly as it did.

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  1. I admit, cattle frighten me ;/ I'm glad things went smoothly for the move - those Belted cattle are sure attractive!


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