Monday, August 18, 2014

Willow Whacking

The ditches are becoming clogged with willows. Every couple of years we really need to work on cutting them back. The Farmer has a saw blade that fits on the end of his weed whacker that helps with brush whacking. Perfect for the willow invasion. 

Here's a  photo of the before:

And an idea of what things look like after:

There are piles of dead willows along many of the ditch banks on the farm. Our township has a summer burning ban, so these willows will be collected for a fall brush fire after the ban is lifted.

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  1. Lona, have you ever tried you hand at making a wattle fence with the dry willow?

    You know, in all of your free time, LOL? Seriously though its something I always wanted to try...(we have willow saplings, too)


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