Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some Nutrition for the Soil

Every year like clockwork we take soil samples. And we have a soil consultant interpret and make suggestions as to what to add to the soil to make the whole system work better. It's one of those crazy expenses that we refuse to cut back on, no matter how tight things are. It's That Important.

Both people and the soil can be lacking in certain minerals, or out of balance in some way. Just as you might take vitamins to  help with a nutritional deficiency, so also we add things to the soil. A few weeks ago, The Farmer spread some gypsum and other minerals on some hayfields. The gypsum is a dusty business, so he chose a day that was pretty quiet.

The spreader mounts on the back of the tractor and just slings the product every which way. The product in the spreader looks a bit clumpy because it was purchased a year ago, and sat in the barn for lack of time.

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