Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival

The end of September we borrowed a camper, loaded it full, and headed for West Branch. It was gorgeous weather, and we both felt like we should be home harvesting beans. But sometimes you just have to go. And we had committed to vending at the Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival. 

We enjoyed wonderful weather and were surrounded by great people. I've taken pictures of our booth, for those of you who only know us as "the bean guy" and "the bean lady". 

The Farmer took his sock machine along and demonstrated sock knitting. We often had a crowd at the edge of our booth. For these pictures, I tried to wait until there was no one in the booth.

We were in a steel pole barn. For some reason, in our booth only, there was a barn board backdrop. Very unique!

The rugs seemed to be the hit of the show this time. We never know what will sell--which makes preparing and packing a bit of a challenge. We end up taking too much of most things, as we just never know what will appeal to people.

We signed up for next year, so those of you in the northern part of Lower Michigan can plan on seeing us the last weekend of September, 2015 in West Branch.

We are also planning on selling at the Kerstmarkt in Holland, Michigan in November and December. More about that later, but we always have a great time at that show, too.

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