Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Out With the Old and In With the New Part Two

After some modifications to the new engine, it was time to put it in place. Good thing we have this trusty skid steer. The engine weighs about 1,100 pounds.

Heavy duty log chains come in handy, too. This process took quite a while, as the engine had to be level. Quite a few adjustments were made before the final lift began.  

This was a slow and careful project. The heavy engine had to be guided into place.

Once it was in place, the engine had to be bolted in place. Lots of jostling when you're driving through the fields combining. The engine has to stay put. After the engine was bolted in place all the guards and covers had to be replaced.

Once everything was in place, they fired it up, and it started on the first try. Music to our ears!

And finally, the old engine was shipped to where we bought the new engine. It will be used for parts, or rebuilt.

No loading dock on the farm, but we can manage.

I'm happy to report that the combine is working well! Great job, guys!

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