Thursday, October 9, 2014

Out With the Old and In With the New

Some of The Farmer's "spare time" (cue laughter track here) was spent working on the combine this summer. During rye harvest, the engine blew. It was a terminal diagnosis.

So we looked around, finally found, and ordered a new engine. Let's see if you can tell which is the old and which is the new. 

Any guesses?

Does it help to see them together?

The new engine was actually a tractor engine, just like what came out of the combine. Almost. Kinda. Mostly the same. Close, y'know? There were some modifications needed, of course. Because nothing is ever truly easy. Even when you spend a bunch of money on a new engine.

The Farmer has mad wood skills. He is not a natural mechanic (though his brother is!). But after years of working along side my father on all kinds of farm equipment, he has acquired a working knowledge of how to fix things. And out of necessity he has tackled some pretty big jobs. We are grateful for a diesel mechanic friend who can give a little advice here and there. We are grateful for the small tool and die shop that is up for almost any "can you make one like this?" job we throw at them. And we are grateful for the local sheet metal place that can make something that is mostly rust like new again. But I am mostly grateful for The Farmer who doesn't back down from a hard job just because he's never done it before. 

More on the engine soon...

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