Monday, April 6, 2015

A Busy 24 Hours (including photos of lamb birth)

Lambing officially began last Tuesday, March 31st, with a yearling that had twins. Everything was manageable until Easter Sunday, when we had 10 ewes give birth in 24 hours. Here are some of our "jugs" (a.k.a. bonding pens). The Farmer has 14 jugs set up and they were all full this morning. He has had to move some out to the mingling pens to make room for more.

Not sure how you all feel about birthing photos, but here we go. This ewe already had one lamb on the ground and was working on number two. You can see two front legs... In a textbook birth, the two front legs and head come together. The body easily follows after the head and shoulders are through. The hind legs are back for birthing. Unless the whole business is not textbook, of course.

Typically a laboring ewe will stand for a while, and lay down for a while and repeat as needed. Usually the lamb is delivered while the ewe is laying down.

At this moment, we have 27 lambs from 15 ewes, which puts us under 200% lamb crop. We've had several sets of triplets, but each triplet ewe has lost one of her lambs. Triplets are hard.

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