Friday, April 3, 2015

Compost Days at Shady Side Farm

We've been composting at Shady Side Farm for about 15 years. We were composting before compost was cool. Though, to be honest, compost has always been cool.

If you'd like increased soil fertility, biology and organic matter levels in your flower beds, your veggie gardens, or on your farm fields, please consider using our compost. This manure-based compost has been aged a year and is ready to use right now.

The Farmer will be available for two Saturdays in April to load your compost and explain how to use it, including application rates. Tomorrow is the first Saturday, April 4, from 9 - 3. We will also host a Compost Day on April 18, from 9 - 3.

Compost is available in (your own) 5-gallon buckets or by the loader scoop in your truck or trailer.

Email us at for directions to the farm or answers to other questions.

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