Monday, May 4, 2015

Kayaks in the Water

It took two years of Wednesday nights for the six boys to handcraft their wooden kayaks. Many nights those boys went home either full of dust or full of epoxy. Several men--some fathers of the boys and some simply good-hearted men--helped with woodworking, varnishing, and encouragement.

Their labor came to fruition a few weeks ago when each boy took home his kayak. This weekend brought good weather, and with it a spontaneous desire to get those kayaks in the water. Only six of the boys could make it at such short notice. But boy, did they have fun.

They kayaked around the windmill at Windmill Island in Holland. Holland is full of tourists just now, enjoying the Tulip Time festival. After all the work they did on their boats, these three boys enjoyed not just a pleasant paddle, but also authentic admiration from strangers on the island.

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