Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Trip to the Windmill

Several weeks ago we brought more corn to the nearby windmill. It's a working windmill, and we have had several batches of corn ground into cornmeal. It's a nice addition to our farmers market tables. 

First we clean and bag the corn. No pictures of the process this time, but we run it over the fanning mill (or screener) much the same way we do with beans. 

Here's an up close and personal picture of the windmill. The wind drives the blades, which turn the giant stones. They also have a smaller set of stones which I think are powered by electricity.

Here's the bottom half of the windmill, so that you can get an idea of the size. The Farmer had to take a phone call while we were there. What did we do before cell phones?

We carried the bags of corn up a flight of stairs. The stones are actually on the top floor, but we didn't have to carry them that far. It's hard to remember to take pictures when we are there, as the miller is so interesting that we lose ourselves in talking with her.

Today I picked up the finished product, and we will have it available at our markets again this Saturday.


  1. Just have to say that I picked up a bag of this cornmeal last fall at Fulton St. and just loved it! So cool that it was ground right here in Holland. Thanks so much for such a great product!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jana. We're pretty excited about our partnership with the DeZwaan windmill, too. :)


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