Sunday, September 20, 2015

Don't Mess with Hornets

"The wing structure of the hornet, in relation to its weight, is not suitable for flight, but he does not know this and flies anyway." --Albert Einstein

One day this summer while working the fields, The Farmer encountered a nest. He hit it with the tractor, hidden as it were in the leaves of a tree at the edge of a field.

Good news: The tractor he was driving was the only one that we own that has an enclosed cab.

Bad news: Since the air conditioning on this mid-80s tractor hasn't worked in years, all the windows were open, and the door was taken off entirely.

Good news: Even though he was instantly surrounded by a swarm of flying, stinging insects (we suspect hornets), he was able to drive off without being stung. At all.

Bad news: The next day, when he returned for a picture, he was stung. Just once, fortunately.

The moral is perhaps to leave dangerous situations well enough alone...

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