Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Use for an Old Bin

Earlier this summer we got ready to ship out our corn. Corn has been primarily a cash crop for us, and we typically store it in one or more of our large bins. These bins are connected to our grain leg (the vertical system you see in this picture), which makes loading and unloading grain MUCH easier for us. 

Here a couple of the guys are getting the unloading auger ready. Note the makeshift scaffolding.

This is the inside of the bin as the corn is unloaded. There is a door in the bottom of the bin that the grain falls into--you can tell about where the door is in the picture below.

Here is the truck as we are loading it. The corn is sold to a company that will use it for organic feed for animals.

The bins are designed to hold one type of grain at a time. But this summer we changed the inside of one of our bins to allow for storage of many different kinds of beans.

We started with the walls of a much smaller bin to form the center. We screwed metal C-channel on to the center and the outside walls to allow us to put dividers in. The boards that separate the pie wedges are removable, and we can add boards up to the top of the inside circle.

This is a great way to retrofit a large bin for lower-volume use. Of course there is a lot of wasted space above, but perhaps we will find a way to use that, too.

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