Thursday, October 8, 2015

A New Way to Pull Beans

These first few pictures were taken the very first time we used our new bean puller. If it doesn't look brand spanking new, just keep in mind that when I use the term "new" it mostly means "new-to-us".

The bean puller pulls four rows at a time, laying the two center rows together into one, and laying the outside two rows further outward. When you make another pass going the other direction, those two outside rows merge with other outside rows. So each time you make a pass, you're pulling four rows and ending up with two windrows.

Here's a closeup of the equipment. Yes, there are some weeds. I don't know how that happens.

Here are two rows laying together after being pulled.

And this is another field on another day. The green is mostly weeds, but you can see the dry bean pods laying neatly with the weeds in rows.

The bean pulling must be done early in the morning, while there is still heavy dew. Otherwise the dry bean pods shatter when they are disturbed, and the beans fall out on the ground.

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