Thursday, October 15, 2015

Freezer Lamb for Sale

While we are very excited about the great bean harvest we are enjoying this fall, we are also very excited about our lamb crop. Most of our male lambs are raised for meat, and we sell directly to our customers. Our lamb is not available at markets or in stores.

This year our lambs were born in the barn and fed exclusively by their mothers. When the pastures were ready in the spring, we let the sheep outside and they’ve been outside all summer eating exclusively high quality grasses and a mineral supplement carefully matched to their nutritional needs. These lambs have received no medicines, no grains, and no added hormones. Grass-fed lamb is not only very nutritious, it’s also delicious. Our past customers tell us how much they love our lamb. 

Buying directly from us (and other small farmers) allows you to know how your food was raised. It helps sustain the farm, ensuring a good local food supply in the future. And it keeps dollars in our community, which makes for a healthy local economy.

For more information, please email or speak to us at one of our markets. Our fact sheets explain more about how this process works. But don’t delay--the lambs are only available for a few more weeks!

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