Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Windrowing Beans

After the beans are pulled (mechanically!), we hook up to the windrower/shaker and drive over the field one more time. This has to be done with heavy dew, or the dry pods shatter and the beans fall out. Early morning is best for this part, as with the pulling. 

The windrower picks up each individual row (which is actually two rows piled together) and shakes them a bit. This dislodges some of the dirt attached to the roots of the bean plant. The bean plants are carried up and over the top of the windrower.

The same thing is happening on the other side, so we are actually shaking and windrowing two combined rows at the same time.

Once the beans travel up and over the top, they are carried to one side by a conveyor belt and deposited in a single row in on the right side, behind the windrower/shaker. Here they are left to dry for a few days, until they are ready to combine.

Again, so much easier than pulling by hand and carrying them to a haywagon.

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